Karolina Gotowska

Karolina Gotowka is an IT project manager, that decided to dedicate her free time to her passion - art and painting.

A self thought artist that gave a boost to her skills by following Aalst Art Academy (Belgium) from 2010 till 2020, under guidance of Rik Moens, but also Andre Van Schuylenbergh, Catharina Dhaen and other accomplished artists. Many of her artworks are landscaping abstract reflecting different feelings channelled on canvas, but she is also capable of mixing abstract and figurative paintings in surprising and strong visual statements. 

Karolina is of Polish origin and moved to Belgium following her Flemish husband, with whom she has three lovely boys.

The mission of Karolina is to promote local artist and to strengthen local artist community, bringing local artists and art lovers together, in the heart of Aalst. 

That is why Gotowska art gallery is where people loving art and enjoying personal contact with artists meet.