Timo Meireman

Belgium based artist, Timo Meireman, has been honing his art skills with great intensity for the last several years and reached a point worth crowning with a solo exposition.

Originally a materials science engineer, Timo blends his passion for the matter with his creative skills throughout his work. His eagerness for "the New" prevents him from dwelling on a single style or technique and invites him to explore sketching, ink, and mixed media art. This brings a wide range of variaty in his works, while keeping his unique and recognisable style. Coloring outside the lines is more of a rule rather than an exception, which may be seen both figuratively and literally.

His experience and passion for live model drawing, allows him to playfully interact with the model and capture the very moment with a simple set of lines and patterns, revealing life at its essence.

Besides hues and shades, the novel dimension of translucency seeps in, which allows him to challenge the boundaries of a flat artwork. An intricate interplay between the foreground, and what is present behind allows him to further explore the depths of line drawings and composition.

The works of Timo Meireman should invite you to calm reflection on the present moment and gently direct you towards appreciation of simple pleasures of being.